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Amazon Renewed 101: What it is, Benefits & Tips for Refurbished Products

Selling is always changing on Amazon. Therefore, when you start selling, be prepared for expanding your chances. For example, you have the opportunity to sell refurbished goods on Amazon.

Today, it may not be new, but you are able to launch more options on Amazon. This would be the Amazon Renewed option.

Amazon Renewed is a new and improved platform. What it offers as an eCommerce marketplace is to divide and allocate the new items from pre-owned products. All in all, Amazon Renewed is taking items and giving options to buyers.

What is Amazon Renewed Exactly?

Amazon Renewed is something you need to know. What this is basically a category or tier of goods. Moreover, using Amazon Marketplace you can sell stuff that is rebuilt.

In total, Amazon  renewed products are a way to sell varied items. You have high-quality, like-new items that may be refurbished, preowned, or just an open-box.

For example, if you have or own refurbished electronics then Amazon Renewed is vital. Anyone with refurbished electronics would know that for example. For instance, a refurbished phone could be sent to a manufacturer. Why is this important to know?

What makes Amazon Renewed Special?

Amazon Renewed is important for sellers. Being able to have products that may be possibly rebuilt, previously owned, or refurbished products tested gives more options. Overall, as a seller or buyer this is what makes selling with Amazon Renewed special.

Why is Amazon Renewed 101 Different?

Amazon Renewed 101

Amazon gives many options for commerce. For example, you are able to give clients a way to be more at peace with Amazon Renewed. How and why? Well, firstly, you are able to sell and unload previously owned devices.

Amazon Renewed manages to have it where you sell each product sold within an item category. It does not have to be new, but simply be supported by a Renewed Warranty within 90 days of purchase. In Summary, Amazon’s Renewed guidelines and goal is selling all items guaranteed. In essence, Amazon Renewed guarantees quality products for its customers.

What Is a Renewed Product?

What Is a Renewed Product

What constitutes an Amazon renewed product is simple. We have to look at the following parameters to determine what is a renewed project for Amazon below:

  • A renewed item is a product on Amazon that is high-quality. It is technically like-new product. However, it may or is either refurbished, a possible open-box item, or pre-owned all together.
  • With Amazon Renewed, the previous seller has owned pre-owned goods. The difference is the products are verifiable as being fully functioning. So, if there may be a risk of cosmetic issues it is sold on Amazon Renewed. For example, the product may have markings like dents or scratches.
  • Amazon Renewed sells Open-box items. Therefore, these are commonly products that would be typically unused but with no original packaging.
  • Damaged products are also sold on Amazon Renewed. You are able to sell a variety of products of various grades and conditions. So, any product damaged in a warehouse or opened by a client before being returned is sellable.

Amazon Renewed Tips:

Amazon Renewed Tips

What makes Amazon Renewed stand out is that you are able to sell items that may be slightly damaged or worn.

  1. Minimal Damage vs. Serious Damages: If you sell a seriously damaged product don’t expect to make anything. However, there is a guarantee for items in your returns department that have minimal wear and tear. However, if you are looking to sell heavily damaged or scratched items then look elsewhere.
  2. Look for Returns and Refurbished Products: There are a lot of people who think items are permanently cut out. However, not with Amazon Renewed. In the end, don’t throw everything away. Insead be careful and make sure to keep your older or used items. Nonetheless, a used product will more than likely be useful as an Amazon Renewed item. But, only if it is fully functional, and in a condition deemed sellable. Basically, it would be as good as new, and includes workable and functional accessories customers may think are practically new or barely used.

Advantages of Amazon Renewed

Advantages of Amazon Renewed

The advantages and benefits of Amazon Renewed can be revealed to understand more clearly. A new process of doing things is best with selling Amazon Renewed. Let’s look at the biggest benefits to this new Amazon program below:

1. Amazon Renewed offers many clients and opportunities.

Amazon’s commerce platform has a lot of opportunities for success. For example, Amazon alone gets 2 billion shoppers monthly on average.

So, overall, the best conversion rates for products will be viable and suitable to other online commerce sites. In summary, the best point here is that Amazon Renewed will offer a large market for sellers to sell and show their renewed items. In the end, you will have a higher chance to engage and achieve  better client satisfaction.

2. Less competition overall:

If you are a seller on Amazon Renewed, competition will be lighter. Expect to not have to face stiff competition. Many will think this is an advantage for ease of sales as well for guarantee of sales.

3. Simple Qualifying Agreement:

What this means is that there are clear things to follow to become integrated to be a seller. For example, only merchants who may qualify for the AMZ Renewed program. These are rules and guidelines that are there to continually keep the quality of their products high. As well, to try and keep the products, so that you may join the program. In the end, it translates to a big opportunity to thrive and be successful for the few accepted.

4. Use AMZ proven ecommerce options for results:

Amazon Renewed needs to get results to be taken seriously Therefore, the platform’s lending facilities are super functional and effective. As well, the Buy Box option, and FBA solutions for the Amazon renewed are powerful.

These features enable merchants to promote and make their business stronger like no other. In the end, Amazon Renowned allows users to sell their refurbished products across Amazon’s global platform for better and more strategic sales.

How to Join and start using Amazon Renewed Program

When you want to join Amazon Renewed, you need to know what to do. Knowing what the AMZ Renewed program requires is simple. These are some basic ways that outline the steps for acceptance into the Amazon Renewed program.

1. Join and become an Amazon seller

Amazon seller

Easy enough, you need to be on Amazon and register. It is that simple to start selling is to become an Amazon merchant and begin selling. The next step is to start your program and organize your selling plan and approach. From there you can establish a selling profile.

2. Amazon Registration is mandatory

This is a big part of being in this Amazon Renewed Program. You need to be fully registered. Basically, through Amazon’s website the process begins all together. This means utilizing and giving your company email address, government ID if possible, any credit card information, tax ID information, bank account status and info, and finally phone number. As well you will be subject to participation in the Amazon Brand Registry. With this, you will be able to get numerous and various  features from sellers to create and establish the most appealing experience possible for customers in the future.

3. Meet and qualify the Amazon Renewed criteria

Qualifying takes time and not everyone will be able to sell right away. So, all in all, not every company will be able to qualify for the Amazon Renewed solution program. Be prepared because you need to give invoices for at least or as much as $50,000 worth of qualified refurbished purchases. This all applies to what has been collected in the 90 days before the application date was submitted. Finally, it is required to have an ODR of 0.8% or less within the same period when applying. Lastly, it is imperative to make sure additional requirements are met that are listed on the platform’s website.

4. Wait for Approval and Status to Sell

Once everything has been set in place you can start selling. However, you need to have everything in place in terms of your application and tax and selling information. Therefore, you need to apply eventually and lastly on the program page and send a  request with the necessary and required documentation to this email:

Amazon Renewed Program and Selling

When you are an Amazon Renewed member and seller you are then qualified to be in the Amazon Renewed program. The opportunities are limitless for anyone.

Last step: Start selling!

The Amazon Renewed platform will give you and send approval within ten business days. After this has been said and done and you are approved then you can go to the next step. Once approved, you can start to add new product listings for the renewed items.

Or as well you can add renewed items to anything already existing on Amazon sale page listings. Amazon Renewed is a perfect and dynamic selling platform to let anyone know what you are doing and sell various products of various conditions.  In summary, if you make it work your listings will be calibrated for the best sales approach. Moreover you can optimize listings with appealing and high quality images, vivid and engaging descriptions, and top of the line content.

List of Items you can Sell on AMAZON Renewed?

Amazon Renewed merchants can sell pre-owned, open-box, and refurbished goods items. These items that can can look “like new” are all below:

  • Audio and Headphones
  • Cameras
  • Computers and Laptops
  • Home Appliances
  • Industrial Tools and Home Tools
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Equipment
  • Sports and Outdoor Gear
  • Smartphones
  • Television Sets
  • Tablets
  • Video Game Consoles and Stations
  • Watches

Amazon Renewed Disadvantages

Amazon Renewed Disadvantages

There are disadvantages to this program on Amazon. Remember if you have a company specializing in moving individual parts then this program is not suitable.

As well, anyone selling display units without accessories with this solution will not have a lot of success with Amazon Renewed. Any new sellers or inexperienced online business that want to sell refurbished products will have trouble getting qualified for Amazon Renewed. Here are the most common issues for anyone having problems overall below:

1. The concept of Influence on Brand image and reputation

Any luxury or specialized brands will not get a benefit with this program. If you depend on an exclusive group of butters then it may be your best fit. For example, an elite client experience would have trouble developing and keeping brand credibility. You will not be able to replace premium items and products with renewed or damaged items.

2. Amazon Renewed Products are not detected easily.

Amazon Renewed Products are not detected easily

Amazon renewed may appear in search results grouped with new and superior items. This confusion and easy quality control issue con foster frustration. So, it may be something to do later to prevent later loss of trust and confusion.

3. Too many large and excessive discounts

Selling items for a cheap price may mean a hit for you. profit margin. As well, providing large discounts causes opportunistic merchants to buy your goods at cheaper prices and resell them on marketplaces like Facebook or eBay.

Amazon Renewed Final Thoughts

This is a selling platform that gives you a lot of leeway and confidence as a seller. Make sure you are able to be sure of the high quality of your goods. Secondly, it helps to be a successful refurbished item merchant to build success again.

In summary, Amazon Renewed gives ecommerce businesses a big and attractive opportunity to sell. You can sell more on Amazon.

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