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Amazon Shipping 101: How to Change Shipping Address on Amazon

Are you looking for a way to change your shipping address on Amazon when you have already made an order? Follow the steps highlighted in the article below to get that done.

Your Amazon address is just as important as your other sensitive information and thus plays a vital role in determining if you will be getting your package or someone else. Amazon allows you to store more than one address on your account to make things easier for you when you want to send gifts or purchase from its store. Or, look at it this way: you moved from your former place of residence to a new place, and your Amazon address needs to change accordingly. This is to ensure that your shipment gets delivered to you or the destination you want.

Change Shipping Address on Amazon

All that is required of you is to order what goods and select what address you want them delivered to. But what happens when you select the wrong address? Definitely, your orders will be delivered to the wrong address. Or when you change residence yet, you ordered a product with your old address still active on your Amazon account. And you didn’t notice this error until you made your purchase. What do you to advert this incidence? Let's find out In this article. This article seeks to educate you on the possible ways to change your Amazon address on your account.

How to Change Your Amazon Shipping Address on PC

It will interest you to know that you can only change your Amazon shipping address on your PC. As of right, the Amazon app does not support changing your shipping address. However, the Amazon app can help manage your shipping address. Changing your Amazon address can be of two categories.

One is your home address, where, by default, your orders get delivered to you. And then there are the other addresses that Amazon lets you store and select for delivery for a particular order.  Let's begin with your shipping address.

Changing your Amazon shipping address could be done using a PC.

Step 1: Visit the Amazon website.

Step 2: Log in to your Amazon account from your pc

Amazon account from your pc

Step 3: Go to Return & Orders.

Return & Orders for your Amazon Delivery

Step 4: Locate the particular order that would like to charge its delivery address.

Step 5: Click on View or edit order or View order details.

View or edit order or View order details

Step 6: Just beneath the current shipping address, you will see a Change button. Click the on it to modify your shipping address.

Modify your shipping address

Step 7: Find the address that you will like your shipment to be derived to amongst your previously saved addresses.

Step 8: When you have done that, click Ship to this address beneath your preferred address

To ensure that you are behind these modifications, Amazon will ask you to confirm your credit card information and billing address. Once you have provided the information required of you, Amazon will update your shipping address.

The above steps are for orders being shipped by Amazon. If you purchased something from a third-party seller (and not from Amazon), you can not change your shipping address on your Amazon account. To alter your shipping address, you may have to contact the seller for support. The seller's contact is usually beside your order.

To contact the seller:

Step 1: Go to Your Orders.

Go to Your Orders on Amazon

Step 2: Find the order whose address you want to change.

Step 3: Click on the vendor's name just beside your order.

Vendor's name just beside your order

Step 4: Select the Ask a Question button at the upper right corner of the vendor's page.

Step 5: Then a new chat window will open, and a chatbot that guides you to send your message to the vendor through it. There, state your problem, and be patient for a response.

Note that you cannot change your shipping address when your package has hit the road. In other words, you can only charge your shipping address when your package has not left the warehouse. Now let's look at how to manage your Amazon shipping address.

How to Manage Your Amazon Shipping Address

Managing your Amazon shipping address is not the same as changing your shipping address. Well, while both of them involve modification, one is being proactive, while the other is being reactive. Periodically, you should modify old addresses or get rid of them completely when they are not useful anymore to keep your address list tidy. This way, you will be minimizing or completely eliminating delivery accidents. Managing your Amazon shipping address can be done using the Amazon mobile app or from your browser.

The Amazon Mobile App

The Amazon mobile is perhaps the most efficient of all three because it comes with all Amazon features built into the app. The app is available for Android and iOS users. For Android users, you can visit the Google PlayStore to download the app, if you do not have it prior. iOS users can visit AppStore to download the Amazon app.

Step 1: With the mobile app installed, open the app and sign in to your account

Open the app and sign in to your account

Step 2: Go to your Account page. You can get there by clicking your profile at the bottom of the page (user icon), or by tapping the three-line button at the bottom right.

Step 3: Go to Account Settings

Go to Account Settings

Step 4: On the list of options provided, tap Your Address

On the list of options provided

Step 5: You find your previously stored addresses on Amazon. Now you can go ahead and modify anyone you deem necessary or remove it completely if you want to.

Using PC

Of course, the interface for the different means of accessing Amazon could be slightly different, but they serve the same purpose. Though, one may have some features that others lack. At least changing your shipping address is only possible using your PC, so at least, in that regard, the PC does it. Follow the steps below to manage your Amazon shipping address on your PC

Step 1: Visit the Amazon website

Step 2: Login to your account

Step 3: Click on Account & Lists

Click on Account & Lists

Step 4: On the drop-down options, click on Account

Step 5: Scroll down to Ordering and Shopping Preferences and click Your Address

Ordering and Shopping Preferences

Step 6: Find the address you want to delete and click the Remove button beneath it to delete. In the case of change, click edit instead, and make the changes you want on the address.

To add a new address

Perhaps the addresses that you already have on your list of Amazon addresses are intact, and you just want to add a new one.

Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Navigate your way to Your Address (you can refer to the step above on how to get here).

Step 2: Then click on the first space with a plus (+) sign and an Add Address beneath the sign.

Add Address beneath the sign

Add Your Address

Step 3: Next, go ahead and add a new address to your list of addresses.

What Do I Do When My Shipment Is On Delivery To A Wrong Address?

As pointed out earlier in this article, canceling an order is almost not possible when your item has been shipped. In a situation where you realize that the shipping address is the wrong one and you forgot to change it before you placed your orders, you can cancel the delivery.

To do that:

Step 1: Go to Your Orders.

Go to your amazon order

Step 2: Click on Track Package.

Click on Track Package

Step 3: Click on Cancel this delivery.

Click on Cancel this delivery

Step 4: Done.

You can refer to the relevant step above in this article on how to find these options easily. If you do not find such an option, you could wait till the package arrives, then refuse it. This might seem a little unachievable because delivery guys usually drop your items on your front porch take a picture and leave before you say, Jack. So, perhaps you should be on standby to see the delivery man, refuse the item upon delivery, and request a refund. They will return it to Amazon, and Amazon will refund your full payment.


Changing your Amazon shipment address is possible, but you are better off doing so when your shipment has not been shipped. According to Amazon, you can still cancel deliveries when they have already left the stores. Whatever the case might be, if you made an error with the Amazon address, be sure that you could either get your money back by rejecting the item. Or going to pick it up if the address is familiar and safe. But perhaps what is considered safest is modifying your addresses even before you make orders and whisking away irrelevant addresses.

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