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Does USPS Deliver on Saturday and Sunday? (The Full Guide)

If your online package is not delivered on Friday, will you have to wait until Monday? Read more to find out what USPS is doing about the delivery on the weekend. This post offers all the information that you need to know in 2023 about mail delivery on Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, it does and the United State Post Office (USPS) is always changing what it can do. Why? Because in 2023, online shopping is booming more than ever. As the year goes by,  customers want and demand to receive their shipments as soon and quickly as possible.

The United States Post Office is trying to keep up and keep packages flowing. The demand for weekend hours is caused by various online retailers, especially Amazon. Eventually, with increased demand, the post office needs to make these deliveries and be functional.

The US postal service’s regular schedule for delivering mail and packages is Monday through mainly on weekdays. Most bigger holidays are not delivery days. However, Saturday and Sunday have become more popular and in demand.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

The US postal service’s regular schedule for delivering mail and packages is Monday through mainly on weekdays. Most bigger holidays are not delivery days. However, Saturday and Sunday have become more popular and in demand. For this reason, USPS added a Saturday and Sunday delivery service.

USPS Delivery Hours on Saturday and Sunday

The United States Post office has responded to the thriving e-commerce market with longer hours. Also, the worldwide global pandemic has opened the need for everyday shipping more than ever.

USPS has become the best place for smaller businesses on a budget to use. Why? Because these smaller companies ship mostly or exclusively small packages. Thus, it is USPS that is the best option and as well the most cost-effective and high-value option.

At the moment, we can pick from a range of mail services you can use and discover USPS weekend hours in our useful guide to USPS weekend delivery options.

You can pick from a range of mail services you can use with the US postal service. Furthermore, you can discover USPS during weekend hours, which was never a certainty in the past. Lastly, reading more below you can find out about useful guides to USPS weekend delivery options and times.

USPS Saturday Deliveries

USPS Saturday Deliveries

USPS delivers both mail and packages on Saturdays. This is a relatively new change that has maximized and given the USPS an advantage.  Saturday service for the mail features different types of mail.

Saturday Service Types:

  • Regular first-class mail
  • Express mail
  • Flat rate mail
  • Priority mail
  • Media mail

Overall, Saturday has become a day to ship items with the USPS. At this point, Saturday is another business day for the post office. Normal mail hours and expectations are now possible for delivery as if it was Monday through Friday.

However, expect that with Saturday hours there will be specific delivery hours on Saturday. These Saturday hours will differ from Monday through Friday.

Saturday Mail Benefits

Saturday Mail Benefits

Mail and packages will be delivered at earlier times with Saturday mail service. This is a benefit for anyone because everyone wants their mail earlier. On Saturday, many businesses are closed so resident deliveries are the main priority. So, a USPS mail carrier does not have to deliver to businesses on Saturday.

Therefore, the USPS carrier can deliver residential packages more quicker.  Quicker and shorter routes translate into faster deliveries. As well, separate mail trucks on Saturdays will be able to help expedite mail.

Sunday Mail Delivery

USPS Mail Express

The United States Postal Service is delivering mail on Sundays. This is a fact that should be noted about service and expectations from USPS. Sunday mail service has priority Mail Express and even includes Amazon packages.

In the past, if you wanted Sunday mail delivery it has been a difficult thing to do. For example, getting your mail delivered on the weekend is generally a challenging possibility. But, things have changed especially since Covid-19. However, now as with Saturday, Sunday mail delivery is very possible.

The reason for Sunday USPS service is that there has been a need and demand for expanded service on weekends.  Amazon and countless other services require that certain types of packages will be delivered on Sunday.

Bear in mind that the US postal service has for many years not delivered mail on Sunday. As well, most people would agree that the postal service is not active on weekends but this is wrong.

Delivery Costs for Saturday and Sunday Service

USPS Delivery Costs

Saturday and Sunday deliveries will not have any extra fees or surcharges.  Weekend hours for Saturday or Sunday are already aligned with the USPS services. Moreover, like most shipping services the final cost of delivery depends on what you are sending.

All in all, what determines or drives the cost for deliveries will be distance, the shipping service you pick, the weight and parcel, and the box dimension of the packages. These are Saturday and Sunday delivery prices:

Priority Mail – Starting from $6.40; including Flat Rate up to 70 pounds; Delivery from Monday to Saturday – No Extra Cost; Delivery is within 1 to 3 business days.

Priority Mail Express – Starting from $22.95; including Flat Rate up to 70 pounds; Delivery is available all 365 days a year, No additional costs; Delivery is within 1 to 2 business days.

Will Saturday and Sunday Delivery Come at regular times like Weekday Deliveries?

Right now, there is no way to predict the exact shipping times but the aim is to make weekend delivery fully serviceable. For example, most post office authorities or USPS postal offices and organizations operate on what is called a “5/1” workweek program.

So, a “5/1” work week literally means that five days out of the week you will have “regular” mail. Moreover, you will then have a letter carrier who will handle your packages. Expect any and all mail as well as parcels, and envelopes to be handled according to the “5/1” work week.

In summary, when it comes to delivery protocol the USPS staff and handlers use a specific route. In general, this route that they follow is moving through areas and routes more efficiently. As well, the USPS handlers usually take or use a similar kind of delivery window for giving estimates of delivery arrival.

Lastly, usually on Sundays, there is what is called a “Floater”. On that special day most likely Sunday your mail will be handled by a “floater” mail carrier. A “floater” mail carrier works independently for special day deliveries usually on Sunday.

Sunday Mail Challenges

Sunday Mail Challenges

One aspect that needs to be stressed is that on Sundays there are extra charges. For example, Priority Mail Express usually starts around $26, and there is also an extra charge for doing Sunday delivery.

There will be challenges with Sunday mail delivery. For example,  there is a possibility that you might get USPS Sunday delivery on some items. In general, you should not expect or think that you can get regular post office full service and amenities.

Lastly, what is good to know is there is a money-back guarantee on overnight deliveries if your package is running late.

Positive Developments for Weekend USPS Mail Delivery

Positive Developments for Weekend USPS Mail Delivery

However, if you want to get your mail delivered you can do first-class mail on Sunday. The idea behind Sunday service is to avoid waiting until the weekend for any service. However, waiting until Monday means full regular service and special attention.

But, on the positive side, it depends where you live in the USA. For example, in some parts of the country with very high volumes, you may get regular mail on a Sunday.

These days, USPS is doing a lot and everything possible to maintain that the mail keeps flowing. There is a need to try and keep the backlog of mail low. Overall, the start of weekend service is now trying to include bringing regular deliveries on Sundays.

Future of USPS Weekend Service on Saturday and Sunday

Future of USPS Weekend Service on Saturday and Sunday

All in all,  the USPS system determines routes and service plans accordingly. For example, many decisions for service are made on a local basis. Therefore, whether or not you get basic mail delivery on Sunday mostly just depends on your location in general.

If you really are looking for reliable or guaranteed Sunday package delivery then look accordingly in your area. Moreover, try to ship your package using Priority Mail Express. Outside of using Amazon deliveries, Sunday mail service is one of the few types of mailing services available.

USPS weekend services, especially on Sunday, are growing in demand. Moreover, it has to be stressed that you should not rely on your first-class package to be delivered on a Sunday. In the future, there will be increased functionality and efficiency as the demand for weekend services in mailing and shipping increases.

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