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Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards?

Are you dissatisfied with a gift card that you just received? Despite gift cards being a significant way of gifting your loved ones, they could want something else. The “Walmart Gift Card Exchange” program is a solution to this. Here, we will discuss Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards, its potential value, and suggestions for monetizing your gift card.

Gift cards are a practical payment option for shoppers, but occasionally people receive cards they don't need or desire. You may have received a gift card from an electronics retailer but want to use it to purchase groceries, household items, or as pocket money. If you are dissatisfied with a gift card, avoid tossing it out the window or using it in an unplanned manner.

Fortunately, Walmart thought of that, too, and does trade in unwanted gift cards for Walmart e-cards from over 200 stores like eBay, Gap, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Starbucks. The “Walmart gift card exchange” program is under “CardCash,” an online third-party provider that pays between 70% and 95% of the card's initial face value.

Learn how Walmart Buys Gift Cards now that “CardCash” makes it possible by reading on.

What Is CardCash?


Since Walmart is a well-known retailer, thousands of shoppers possessing undesired gift cards wondered, “Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards?”. Therefore, bringing up the concept of CardCash.

CardCash is an exclusively online gift card exchange website. It enables customers to exchange irrelevant gift cards for cash or a Digital Walmart gift card. Indeed, the CardCash online process is fast and straightforward to follow. With CardCash, you can buy what you want without using the initial gift card.

You must be pleased to hear that Walmart is buying gift cards. Now you must be wondering how to proceed. Here is what you must first understand.

How Does The Walmart's Gift Card Exchange Process Work?

Are you a consumer who values household products over coffee? Then, consider it reasonable to exchange your gift card. However, you must be willing to settle for less than the initial value of the gift card. If that's okay with you, trade it through the CardCash program. To complete the process, do this:

  • Go to the CardCash website, and enter the card's details.
  • Wait for a quote; the CardCash website will then provide you with offers for your gift card.
  • After receiving the card's value, you may opt for cash or a digital Walmart gift card.

Note that the option for cash always offers less than the value of a digital Walmart gift card as Walmart encourages you to shop in their outlets.

That said, you may be curious about the deals you get with a $100 gift card. What we found is detailed below.

How Much Will Walmart Pay Me For My Gift Cards?

How Much Will Walmart Pay Me For My Gift Cards

Selling a gift card for less than its face value may seem illogical, but you should prioritize your needs. CardCash offers a variety of deals; however, the pricing for certain gift cards fluctuates regularly, so check the website from time to time. Consequently, before selling your gift card, note that you won't receive the total amount on your card. Here is what to expect:

  • In most cases, if you trade in a non-Walmart gift card for cash or another non-Walmart gift card, you'll get 70-80% of the original worth.
  • When trading a “non-Walmart gift card” for a Walmart gift card, you'll get to keep between 80% and 97% of the card's value.

Whatever happens, you will be able to get what you need. Now, let's look at some of the gift cards that Walmart buys.

Which Gift Cards Does Walmart Buy?

Would you like to Sell Amazon/Starbucks Gift Cards to Walmart? Remember that the online service provider CardCash is responsible for the Walmart gift card exchange program. CardCash does purchase gift cards from most enterprises; however, there are a few exceptions. The most popular gift cards that you can trade in for cash, other non-Walmart cards, or Digital Walmart gift cards include:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Applebee's
  • Target
  • Burger King
  • PetSmart
  • Chipotle
  • Olive Garden
  • Michael's
  • Ulta Beauty

Please note that this is a partial list of accepted gift cards and that changes occur daily. Therefore, visit the CardCash website for updates.

Opting for a digital Walmart Gift Card is better than cash and a non-Walmart gift card option. Here are the steps to get the most out of your card.

How to Exchange My Gift Card for a Digital Walmart Gift Card?

As businesses focus on maximizing their customer base, so does Walmart. At Walmart, you can trade in unwanted gift cards for a Walmart e-gift card to maximize your card's worth. Therefore, Walmart's gift card exchange program offers a higher value for your card to encourage you to shop at its stores. To make a card swap, do the following:

Step 1: On the CardCash website, enter the card's details.

Step 2: Select the website's “Trade and get gift cards” option. (The list of gift card exchange options will appear).

Step 3: Select Walmart from the drop-down menu, and offers for a Walmart Digital gift card will appear.

Step 4: Proceed with the trade request if you agree with the offer given for your card.

Step 5: After your trade is approved, CardCash will email you Walmart e-gift card details.

Now that your digital Walmart gift card is approved, How do you receive it, and where do you use it? If that's your concern, read and understand the section below.

How to Receive And Use Walmart's Digital Gift Card? 

CardCash manages the entirety of the Walmart gift card trade-in program digitally.

  • Once the trade-in is verified, you will get a Walmart e-gift card via email.
  • Upon receiving the digital Walmart gift card, go ahead and print it or save it to your phone.
  • With its details, visit any Walmart store and use your newly acquired e-gift card.

After the trade-in process, do I need to mail my gift card to CardCash or drop it at Walmart stores? Here is what to do.

Do I Need to Mail In The Gift Card I Am Trading at CardCash?

When selling a gift card through CardCash, you won't have to deal with the trouble of sending in a physical gift card. The trade-in process is solely conducted online. All you need is to enter the card details correctly during the exchange process. After completing the trade-in process and receiving a new digital Walmart gift card via email from CardCash, feel free to discard the physical card as it's no longer usable.

If you are near a Walmart store, you could wonder if you could sell a gift card in person rather than online. Here are our findings.

Can I Sell A Gift Card at A Walmart Store? 

Can I Sell A Gift Card At A Walmart Store

Keep in mind there is no in-person gift card trade-in at Walmart. The CardCash website is the only place to participate in Walmart's gift card exchange program. Furthermore, Walmart's Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash through any other means.

Through CardCash, only gift cards from other retailers can be exchanged for cash or non-Walmart gift cards at a lesser value. Nevertheless, opt for a digital Walmart gift card through the CardCash site to get a high value for your non-Walmart gift card.


Have you wondered, Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards? Now you know that Walmart has a gift card exchange program handled online through CardCash. CardCash allows you to swap your gift card for cash, other non-Walmart cards, or a digital Walmart gift card.

After the trade-in process, CardCash emails you the new card details, which you can print or save on your phone and use at any Walmart location. Remember that the entire CardCash trade-in process is done online, so keep an eye on the website for any updates.

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