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Does Walmart Drug Test? (Employees Should Be Aware Of)

Walmart's workforce is significant because of the company's high profile and the heavy equipment it uses. Some businesses choose to conduct drug tests on their staff to guarantee productivity. But, Does Walmart also drug test? Find out below.

By understanding Walmart's drug testing policy, you can make informed decisions and be better prepared for any drug testing requirements. So, if you're considering applying for a job at Walmart, take some time to learn about the company's drug testing policy and how it may affect your job search.

If you want to know more about what drug tests Walmart conducts, how long the drug tests take at Walmart, and more, keep reading!

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Does Walmart Randomly Drug Test All Employees

While Walmart usually does not mandate pre-employment drug tests for entry, managerial, and senior salary positions, particular roles may necessitate a drug test due to their hazardous materials or machinery operating nature. This applies mostly to Deli, Pharmacy, TLE (Transportation & Logistics), and Auto Center departments.

Furthermore, Walmart reserves the right to conduct random drug tests at any time to ensure compliance with its drug-free workplace policy. In some cases, Walmart may also perform drug tests following a workplace accident or incident to ensure the safety of all employees.

What Kind of Drug Tests Does Walmart Conduct?

To test for drugs, Walmart now requires a urine sample. It's a simple process in which the worker should pee in a small container. The test takes place in the restroom, and you aren't allowed to bring any outside items. The viability of a sample depends on its ability to fulfill several conditions. Your test is interpreted as positive if there is any suspicion that you interfered with it.

How Long Can a Drug Test at Walmart Usually Last?

How long can a drug test at Walmart usually last

You must consent to a drug test within twenty-four hours of being contacted. Getting the first sample is a simple and fast process. In most cases, you will receive the results within a few days.

What Happens Next If You Take a Drug Test and It Returns Positive?

You will not get the employment you applied for if you fail or fail to show up for a drug test. Furthermore, if you are an existing employee, you risk losing your job if you test positive for drugs.

Do First Job Interviews at Walmart Include a Drug Test?

job interviews at Walmart

No, Walmart will not conduct a drug test on you after the first interview. A job offer, a background check, and a drug test will follow a successful interview if you are a suitable match for the position.

How Often Does Walmart Conduct Employee Drug Testing?

It is dependent on the state in which you now reside. The company must conduct a drug test if an employee at Walmart is a suspect of drug use. If you work for Walmart and want to know the local policies, you should contact HR. the following are circumstances when Walmart may conduct a drug test:

Testing during recruitment.

Drug testing prospective employees is becoming more popular nowadays. It's common practice for businesses, including Walmart, to provide a drug test to all potential employees. Different kinds of drug tests are available for use by employers. Urine testing is the most prevalent technique; however, some may use hair and saliva tests.

Random drug testing.

Random testing is gaining popularity in the workplace. The retail giant Walmart is among the growing number of companies that conduct random drug tests on their staff. Employees subject to random drug testing are selected for testing at any time, regardless of whether or not there is suspicion of drug use.

Employees who fail a drug test could face serious consequences, including dismissal. So, if you want to work at Walmart, you'd better be ready to undergo a drug test. Be prepared for random drug testing at any time if you are already employed there.

Analyses of Past Incidents.

In the aftermath of a workplace incident, it is a common trend for employers to demand drug screening from all involved employees. In the event of a positive test, you will face disciplinary action.

Does Walmart Conduct Background Checks on Prospective Employees?

Does Walmart Conduct Background Checks on Prospective Employees

Basically, yes, Walmart does verify the backgrounds of its workers. However, what they look for and how far past they go may come as a surprise. According to company policy, Walmart conducts criminal background checks on all potential employees. Criminal records include felonies, misdemeanors, and any extra charges considered a risk by the company's clients or employees.

What Do You Need to Know About Walmart's Procedures for Drug Testing?

If you're considering applying for a job at Walmart, then be curious about the company's policy on drug testing. First and foremost, Walmart administers drug tests to all potential employees. You may have this done at any Walmart or in a laboratory.

Second, all potential employees at Walmart get subjected to a drug test through a urine sample. That's right; a drug test requires a urine sample, so prepare for one.

Third, Walmart's drug testing policy ensures workers' well-being and efficiency. The policy indicates that the corporation will not stand for any drug abuse on the part of its employees and will take action against anybody caught using illicit substances.

What are the Substances that May Give a False Positive Result?

OTC medicines

A wide variety of items might compromise the accuracy of a urine drug test. Some are OTC medicines, while others are prescription or even herbal supplements. Inform your employer if you are using any of these items so they can correctly interpret your test results.

Products like: Herbal supplements: Some of them include ingredients that might provide a false positive for THC.

False-positive results for amphetamines result from using certain chemicals included in diet pills. Antidepressants have the potential to provide a false positive test result for amphetamines. The anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen, often included in pain medicines, may give a false negative for THC.

The pseudoephedrine in cold remedies may provide a false positive for amphetamines.


The practice of drug screening in the working place is rapidly gaining popularity. Companies use several types of drug testing to identify workers whose drugs may impair. Be ready to undergo a drug test if you're applying for or already working at Walmart. The consequences of failing to meet these standards might range from counseling to dismissal.

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