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Does Walmart Pay Weekly? (Here Is The Answer)

Explore the details of Walmart's pay schedule in this comprehensive guide. Find out if Walmart pays its employees weekly and get insights into their payment policies and procedures.

If you're considering a job at Walmart or simply curious about how this retail giant compensates its employees, here is an overview of Walmart's payment practices.

Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

Walmart doesn’t pay weekly. Instead, the company pays all its staff after every two weeks, and in most cases, the payday falls on Thursdays. The bi-weekly payment structure means employees receive paychecks 26 times throughout the calendar year. A good way to plan your finances?

How are Walmart Employees Paid?

How are Walmart Employees Paid

All Walmart employees are paid hourly every 1st of the month, and the second payday comes after two weeks. The exact date of the second payday varies depending on the month. The hourly pay rate start from $11 to $15, and it depends on the following;

  • Your position or role you are applying for
  • The geographic location of where you live
  • Your experience level
  • Your work schedule/shift (night shift employees earn an extra fifty cents per hour)

The bi-weekly payment schedule has an exception; Walmart employees in Rhode Island receive their paychecks weekly.

Benefits of Bi-weekly Payments Plan by Walmart

Bi-weekly payment plans offered by Walmart have several benefits for both the company and its employees. Here are some key advantages:

For employees;

  • Bi-weekly payments give you an easy time budgeting your finances because you receive your paycheck the same day after 2 weeks. The consistent pay periods make it easier to manage monthly expenses, pay bills, and make financial commitments because income arrives regularly.
  • Bi-weekly payments can teach and reinforce financial responsibility. It trains you to prioritize your expenses based on your income frequency, instills saving discipline, and trains you in emergency preparedness.

What to Expect on the First Paycheck at Walmart

First Paycheck at Walmart

If you start working at Walmart in the middle of a pay period, you’ll have to wait till the following payment period to receive your payment. And this is because:

  • With the large number of new staff joining Walmart, it takes time to set the new staff up on the payroll system immediately after joining.
  • Distributing employees' pay for a partial payment period takes longer.

However, if you start working in a week, the company is processing everyone's pay, and you might be lucky to receive a partial payment. However, the payment will not be for the current work that you might have done, but for the job you did a fortnight ago. But this has an exception when the state law dictates otherwise.


  1. Keep track of when your paycheck period begins and ends so that you can account for your hours and to ensure you are getting the proper compensation.
  2. Before receiving your live check or direct deposit to your account, be keen on your statutory deductions like taxes and other contributions.

So, how can you get your Walmart payments in advance?

Get Paid Sooner with the Even App

Do you have pressing needs that can’t wait for your next paycheck at Walmart? The Even app allows you to receive a percentage of your pay before your payday. This app lets Walmart employees manage when and how to receive their payments.

The Even app is more of a financial planning tool to help you plan your finances, saving for your future goals and investments. You can liken the app to a financial advisor!

How to Use the Even App as a Walmart Employee

Even app

If you have unexpected expenses arising and your next paycheck is not tomorrow, here’s how to utilize the Even app and receive a fraction of your next check:

  • Download the Even app by visiting your phone app store (iPhone or Android).
  • Sign up for an account using your phone number.
  • Sign up for the Even Plus plan for $6 monthly. The package allows you to access Instapay, which allows you to view your earned wages but not yet paid by your employer.
  • Link your Even account to your bank account through your bank's routing number. Connecting the Even account to your bank gives you unlimited access to the app's features.
  • Confirm your employment status by providing your Walmart staff ID number.

You are now ready to start requesting advance payment once a week.

Note: By using the Even app, Walmart will send your payroll information from your latest paycheck. The information helps the Even app administrators to estimate your earned wages for the period.

How to Earn Extra Cash at Walmart

Apart from your hourly rate earnings, there are other ways you can make extra income at Walmart. Recently, the company introduced a cashback program. This program benefits staff with more than 10 days of paid time off at the end of the year.

Ideally, if you have less than 10 days of accumulated paid time off at the end of the year, the days are rolled over, and you can utilize them in the next calendar year. However, if you have over 10 days, the first 10 days will be rolled over to the coming year, and the extra days will be converted into cash, and you will be paid via a check or direct deposit.

So, if you want to make some extra bucks at the end of the year, don’t squander those paid leave days. Save them for the end-of-the-year reward!

Benefits of Being a Walmart Employee

Walmart Employee

From entry-level roles to executives, Walmart is among the best places to build your career. This explains why this giant retailer has over 2.1 million proud associates globally. But what are the benefits of being a Walmart associate?

  • Physical well-being benefits: The company offers medical coverage for its staff from as low as $33, covering virtual healthcare programs. Through Walmart’s Centers of Excellence program, associates can receive specialized treatment from the best specialists and facilities at no extra cost.
  • Emotional well-being benefits: All associates and their families can access professional counselors at no cost. On leave days, associates have paid leave, including sick offs and paid maternity and paternity leave.
  • Financial well-being benefits: Walmart associates who qualify can reap from the 401(k) and stock purchase match programs. Besides, all Walmart US associates qualify for a 10% discount on select general merchandise and fresh produce.
  • College tuition: Through the Live Better U program, Walmart covers 100% of tuition and books for associates who decide to enroll in college classes, high school education, trade programs, or professional certifications.
  • Competitive pay: Walmart invests in higher wages for its associates. The average hourly rate for a field associate in the US is over $17.5/hour. Corporate associates stand to enjoy performance bonuses annually.

As a leading retailer, Walmart continues to attract new talents from all walks of life globally, thanks to its immense!


Does Walmart pay weekly? No, Walmart pays all its staff bi-weekly based on their hourly rate, position/role, and experience level, except for Walmart employees in Rhode Island, who are paid weekly. Walmart staff from all other states receive their paychecks biweekly, with the first paycheck being on the 1st of every month.

However, staff who face unexpected expenses before the actual paycheck day can utilize the Even app for a pay advance, a percentage of their bi-weekly pay. Keep track of when your paycheck period starts and ends for proper accounting of your compensation!

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