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How set a Different Residential Address on Amazon

Amazon is a world class ecommerce site that is immensely popular. However, the next question always seems to be where and how to get your orders as quickly as possible. Well, how do you get your orders to the right address?

Changing an address is a simple thing to do. Learn more about following these simple steps to guarantee you can start getting the packages you need right away. You don’t want to end up getting the right package at the wrong address, so update your residential address.

Amazon is one of the top and most popular online marketplaces in the world. Getting the right products and features can be challenging.Learn more below about setting and changing your residential address on Amazon.

How to Manage your Residential Address on Amazon

How to Manage your Residential Address on Amazon

When you are on the site you need to go to part of the site that is “Your Addresses” or residential address in general. When you go into the Amazon store you will notice to enter where you were before on the site. From there, go to the link on the splash page. On the Amazon site itself on the right corner you will see the settings.

Here are the exact steps to get what you want from the settings and more for Amazon below:

  1. You can proceed with one of the following. First, you can add a new residential address then from there select Add address.
  2. Secondly, you will then proceed to be asked to confirm your payment. What does this mean? Basically, you need to input your  payment card number for the next time you place an order when you order. This is all done for the sake of the new or edited address overall.
  3. Thirdly, you need to edit or delete the address in question. From there you select either edit or delete below the address that you want to modify specifically.
  4. Finally, the fourth step is to set a default address. From there, you would need to select the connecting and parallel link below the address.

Clearing your Cache for Amazon Address Change to Residential Address

clear the cache of your browser

When you are doing anything with sites and information changes it is best to clear the cache of your browser. Steps to Changing your Address on Amazon are listed below along with clearing your browser.  Relaunching the app or site can help with bringing back any and all new settings.

Benefit of Clearing your App

  1. Clearing the cache is great for troubleshooting techniques, so you can try to fix the address issue.
  2. With any app especially Amazon, if it does not function then it is best the site is fully closed and opened again. A relaunch or reset can quickly give the action to boost Amazon for a new restart. This action would fix any glitches or crashed background malfunction with being able to change your address settings.

Add and Manage Addresses on Amazon

All along with Amazon, you can add, edit, and delete any address for future orders. Moreover, you are able to select a default address to make it less difficult to place and put in an order.

Add and managing your Residential address on Amazon:

The main and primary step is to go to your addresses.

Do one of the following:

Step 1: To add a new address, select Add address. You’ll be asked to confirm your payment card number the next time you place an order using the new or edited address.

Step 2: To edit or delete an address there is a protocol. Go forward and click to select either Edit or Delete below the address you want to modify.

Step 3: You need to set and finalize a default address, select the matching link below the address.

With Amazon Address Updates you need to be prepared.  Updating an address with an Amazon Account will not change the shipping address. Overall, you need to open orders. From there, you then proceed to your Wish List. For information on how to change the shipping address on any open orders, go to Change Your Order Information. For information on how to change your wishlist, go to Create Your List.

Keep reading to change your residential address on Amazon!

1. Primary thing to do is to change your residential address

All you need to do is adjust your account settings. This needs to be done on Amazon to guarantee the maximum success for changing your address. In the end, when you change your residential address it needs to be done for certain things. It needs to be specified for digital purchases on Amazon.

Amazon’s app to change your address through using your  iPhone or Android as instructed below:

Step 1: Launch and start Amazon.

Step 2: Proceed to tap on the additional three horizontal lines at the bottom of your screen for Amazon.

Step 3: Select “Account” from the area to change the settings.


Step 4: Tap on “Your Addresses”.

Your Addresses

Step 5: Select “Edit” next to your default address for any changes. Then, an error message may pop up to go forward with your setting changes.


Step 6: You need to tap and go forward on the “set a different residential address” on Amazon. Then you update your digital purchases link and specifically enter your new address information.

Step 7: Finally, select “update” for any and all clarifications.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, try signing out and back into your Amazon account.

If you were unable to change your residential address for digital purchases, don’t worry! Keep reading to learn about different ways to fix this.

2. Fix and Change Your Residential Address

Relaunch Amazon to start to change and fix your address. Proceed to update Amazon (iOS and Android settings) and go forward.

From there, change your residential address on the Amazon app to update settings. This is often a case where you are able to fix any and all bugs or problems that may cause some performance and operational issues, such as not being able to adjust and update your account settings.

Follow this quick guide to update your app:

iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: Go to the App Store.

Step 2: Search for Amazon.

App Store

Step 3: Tap on “Update”.

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