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How to Buy Amazon Returns? (All You Need to Know)

Amazon’s most appealing factor in shopping is its return policy. To put it simply, you can take advantage of the higher return rates for Amazon and do something useful and productive.

Amazon has a lot of attractive features. Why? First and foremost, Amazon is an internet giant that many more and more people want to buy from today. Capitalizing on the success of Amazon is crucial and opportune.

Now, more than ever, Amazon is the one-stop shop and marketplace for shopping, investment, and entrepreneurship. Buying returns is a good way to see what people want and start thinking about the future.

Learning about the ins and outs of buying returns means understanding pallets, liquidation companies, and more. Read more below to discover how to buy Amazon returns.

How to Buy Amazon Returns in 2022?

When you start selling Amazon returns, the thing you want to do is see what pallets and truckloads of Amazon returns are available. This can be an easy process with quick results or a risky proposal, depending on your luck.

Once you have established you are ready, then you can start searching for companies and sources that sell Amazon returns. Searching can be as easy as merely registering to see current listings of returns from various sources. Sources and companies that sell Amazon returns are numerous and searchable by location. Make sure to seek products that are closest to you.

What is Amazon Returns Exactly?

Amazon Returns

As many realize, Amazon is by far the biggest and most pervasive Ecommerce company to ever exist. Therefore, with sales of around 5000 products every minute, that means plenty of returns. These returns from Amazon are the Amazon returns that many get obsessed with overall.

Amazon Returns come from the 30% return rate on Amazon orders. In summary, if you were to add everything together, the amount of returned Amazon goods is massive and available to buy.

Warehouses of Amazon Returns

Warehouses of Amazon Returns

Many may wonder what happens to Amazon returns, and this is where this post is extremely helpful. Thousands upon thousands of products and items returned are sitting until they are bought again through liquidation.

Why Are Amazon Returns Important and Beneficial?

Amazon Returns Important and Beneficial

Once returned, Amazon products are sitting in various warehouses. These products are set aside from the main inventory and then possibly sent to warehouses.

Amazon sends products to warehouses when stock is high. Moreover, these Amazon returns are separated into massive pallets and sold to liquidation businesses.

Basically, you can easily buy Amazon returns as a seller, especially a reseller. When a company like Amazon has such a relaxed return policy, then buying back is easy and plentiful.

When you operate an online resale business, the profitability can be high. Also, being a reseller can be a wonderful extra job. But, getting items to sell is the main issue.

Therefore, you need to find a good place for items; thus, Amazon’s returns are a goldmine. All in all, selling brand-new items is challenging and not easy, so Amazon returns are perfect.

Amazon Return Basics

resell Amazon returns

 So, you want to resell Amazon returns? Well, you then need to find them and resell them. Basically, the best way to get these items is from Amazon Customer Returns.

  • Finding Amazon Products: When you are dealing with Amazon, you need to locate the best products and items to resell.
  • The returns and products from Amazon have to be processed through a specific process before these items are relinquished and available for sale.
  • Lastly, the items are “liquidated,” which means an item or product that has been returned, deemed as overstock, or closed out.

Where to Get Amazon Returns?

liquidation company Amazon returns

You need to go to a company or reputable liquidation company that deals with Amazon’s returns. These types of companies would be best to use in reselling Amazon returns.

For example, one of the biggest Amazon resellers can sell a variety of items. Some of the liquidation companies may even resell almost new items. As well, returned goods are often sold as amazon pallets or via truckloads.

Amazon returns give you the opportunity to make a lot of money. But only if the goods are in new or good condition. The threat of losing money is there at the same time. In the end, the more goods you can buy, the cheaper the price overall.

Popular Liquidation Companies for Amazon Returns

Liquidation companies from Bulq

There are a variety of Liquidation companies, from Bulq, Quicklotz, and BStock, to Genco Marketplace and more. In essence, wholesale liquidators are major players for Amazon. Liquidation companies compensate for the loss a company may incur, especially when going out of business.

When you deal with Amazon returns, the liquidation companies are responsible for the following:

  • Buy overstocks
  • Manage shelf pulls,
  • Bring back all manner of product returns
  • Save any random merchandise from stores
  • Liquidate the products and items at lower prices.

Benefits of Liquidation Companies

Benefits of Liquidation Companies

A well-known and trusted company is 888 Lots. This is a popular company for Amazon reselling because of its strength of a variety of products. For example, the company 888 Lots offers more than 100,000 different new products. This is a great resource for any reseller who wants and yearns for product diversity when selling online.

Another attractive factor for 888 Lots is their value. 888 Lots offers prices at a fixed amount, which many buyers appreciate. Moreover, if you want, you are able to negotiate with 888 Lots and prices as well.

That allows resellers to choose Amazon return pallets based on a specific category or several categories. Some liquidation companies may have an advantage over their competition if they only sell new items.

Amazon Return Pallets & Truckloads

Amazon Return Pallets & Truckloads

Pallets and truckloads of Amazon returns are highly advantageous. A direct liquidation marketplace can be of great benefit to a reseller. Pallets and truckloads come from  Amazon’s distribution centers.

This is an area that greatly benefits anyone as a reseller. Because return pallets and truckloads from Amazon sell quantities of goods that have been returned and are ready to be sold. In summary, Amazon pallets are great because you can get big discounts on many products. Better yet, anyone can buy these pallets.

Benefits of Buying Amazon Returns in Bulk

Amazon Pallets

Amazon Pallets can be great, especially if you have products that are in good condition. Also, if the products are not in good condition and clearly used, then there is the risk of losing money. Overall, the benefits of Amazon return pallets are clear if you buy in bigger bulk quantities.

In the end, these pallets are a great way to utilize and gain access to Amazon returns. However, these big discounts are best for anyone willing to buy without firm expectations. The main issue is that some pallets of products may not be in great condition. They’re sold unseen at great discounts to anyone willing to buy them.

Price of Amazon Pallets and Truckloads

Price of Amazon Pallets and Truckloads

The price of pallets and truckloads of Amazon returns can greatly vary. Overall, you may have to look for variables of quality and quantity. Always do your research on each and every liquidation company selling returns.

For example, for pallets in bulk, expect a minimum price of about $1,000 USD. However, you may pay up to a maximum price of $7,000. The cost of the course for any type of pallet or truckload is variable on the amount, warehouse time, newness of the products, and more. Remember, the pallets or truckloads are worth a lot more depending on the quality of the product overall and the value of your selected market.

In conclusion, the cost of buying Amazon returns in this way varies wildly. The more expensive pallets, upwards of $10,000 or more, can be lowered depending on the number of bids received or the time spent on the actual auction.

Amazon Requirements for Buying Returns

Amazon Requirements for Buying Returns

If you want to sell on Amazon, be prepared to fulfill a few things to be able to sell. First and foremost, any seller has to register and be approved by Amazon. Also, if you want to buy Amazon returns, then you need to resell a large array of products for your business.

Moreover, you are required to select and use Amazon Liquidation Auctions in the USA. Later on, you need to have and be part of a registered US business. This gives you access to purchase liquidation pallets using this particular website.

Conclusions on Amazon Returns

You can have success and challenges with buying Amazon returns. Remember that when you are buying returns, there is the potential you will get damaged goods. Moreover,  you could lose money on buying in general compared to what you can sell. But buying Amazon pallets or truckloads does mean a better chance for a good return on your investment.

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