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Walmart Statistics 2023: Users, Revenue, And Market Share

Walmart is a big name when retailing is mentioned. A small grocery store that was founded in the US about 6 decades ago has grown to have more than 10,000 stores and clubs.

Not only is the number of stores increasing, but also the number of countries they have a presence in. This giant retailer operates in more than 20 countries of the world. Walmart operates under different names across different countries. However, in the US and Canada, it maintains the name “Walmart”  in all its stores.

Walmart Statistics overview

Walmart is by far the largest retail company in the World by revenue. A huge revenue of about $570 billion on a yearly basis places Walmart on such a lofty height. This simple grocery store has grown from having family workers to being the largest private employer in the world. It has more than 2 million employees across the globe.

Although controlled by Sam Walton and his family, Walmart is publicly traded. Aside from its international recognition and popularity, Walmart is the US largest retailer of groceries. More than 60% of its revenue is generated domestically in the US. Thus, Walmart is a name on the tongue of a randomly picked American.

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Key Walmart Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

  • An average of 275 million people shop at Walmart every week.
  • Walmart has 1.6 million employees in the US
  • Approximately 32.85 million people use Walmart every day.
  • Walmart's net worth in 2022 is $381.2 billion
  • There are 10,500 Walmart retail units in the World.

Top Walmart Statistics, Facts &  Trends (2023)

How Many Departments Does Walmart Have?

Retailing of consumer goods and articles is the major of Walmart. However, it sells other products that are not consumable but are used for offices and home comfortability and settings. A very good method is to arrange those products according to their departments. There are 22 departments in each Walmart store across all regions. These departments are named based on the products sold and available in them.

[Source: Walmart]

What Is The Demography Of Walmart’s Shoppers?

It is believed that Walmart has a huge target among the middle class of America and other countries of the world. Globally, approximately 265 million people shop at Walmarts weekly. The statistics of these shoppers have revealed that the demography in terms of age bracket is as explained in the table below.

The age bracket of shoppers Percentage on the global level
18 – 24 4.90%
25 – 34 17%
35 – 44 17.9%
45 – 54 21%
55 – 64 18.1
65 – over 65+ 20.4

In terms of gender, Walmart has a higher number of female shoppers than males. Not only in America is the percentage of shoppers skewed towards females but also in other regions of the world. Data at hand has shown that approximately 80.2% of Walmart shoppers are women. However, an appreciable size 19.8% of shoppers are men.

[Sources: SaveMyCent, Statista]

How Many Users Does Walmart Have Globally?

Users Does Walmart Have Globally

The global patronage recorded by Walmart is very high. The shopper statistic collected at Walmart showed that at an average rate, Walmart records up to 240 million users every week in all its store. This statistic is smaller compared to the record of shoppers in 2019. In the pre-covid era, an average of 275 million was recorded every week. This can link to the economic effect of the pandemic which has affected users’ purchasing power. In addition, the lockdown has raised the popularity and usage of other online shops and e-markets. More to that, Walmart plus (membership) has had 11.5 million people since it was launched in 2020.

[Source:  Statista, SaveMyCent]

How Many People Use Walmart Daily And Weekly?

People Use Walmart Daily And Weekly

Walmart is the largest retail store in America. Also, it is ranked at the top of the world’s list of retailers. It is therefore not surprising to have a high number of shoppers trooping in and out of Walmart stores. Globally, approximately 32.85 million people shop at Walmart every day. This results in about 230 million shoppers recorded in all Walmart stores across the globe every week.  As of the 2022 first quarters, Walmart recorded a lesser amount of shoppers compared to its weekly number of shoppers in 2021. The data showed a fall of approximately 10 million shoppers. Nonetheless, Walmart remains the most patronised retail shop in America and abroad.

[Source: Statista]

How Many Staff Are There In Walmart?

Given the range of users and the number of stores Walmart has worldwide, you might be wondering how many it has. The question is how many workforces can serve the millions of shoppers there are in Walmart weekly? Well, Walmart is proud to have the largest workforce among retailing stores in the world. Officially, Walmart announced its total number of workers to be 2.3 million across its stores irrespective of region. This implies Walmart has a population that is more than the entire Hungary as a country. Therefore, its labour is large enough to meet the needs of the troops of shoppers. It is also expected that as Walmart opens up more branches and stores, more workers will be recruited.

[Source: Corporate Walmart]

What Is The Demography Of The Staff?

Demography Of The Staff

Studies conducted on the willingness and interest of workers have shown that the diversity of the workforce is pivotal in their decision to work with a firm. More to that, companies with all-inclusive policies have experienced higher cash flow.

  • Gender -Walmart has 56% of its 2.3 million staff as women. 42% of these women are management staff. On the other hand, 44% of the workforce are men. Studies have shown that companies that have an ethnically-diverse workforce compete better against their competitors. Thus outrank them more likely by 35%. Hence, the status of Walmart.
  • Age – Walmart's staff structure ranges from less than 18- 40+ age brackets. As such it has younger and middle-aged staff. For better illustration, see the table below for their age brackets and percentages.
Age brackets Percentages among staff
Below 18 2%
18 – 20 23%
20 – 30 53%
30 – 40 12%
40 – 40+ 7%

[Sources: Zippia, FinancesOnline]

How Many Stores Does Walmart Have Globally?

Stores Does Walmart Have Globally

The services of this giant retailer called Walmart are wider than the boundaries of the country it was founded. Given its status as the top retailing store in the world, Walmarts stores must have been widely spread within and out of America. Thus, the need for a global number of stores. Walmart has 10,500 retail units globally. All these retail stores are under 46 Walmart banners. Its global workforce of above 2 million is distributed across these stores. Interestingly, only 42.3% of Walmart’s stores are found in the US. This actively demonstrates that more than half of the stores are found in other parts and regions of the world. Hence, its huge number of users abroad.

[Source: Corporate Walmart]

What Is Walmart's Net Worth?

Walmart's Net Worth

The grocery store of 1962 has grown to become a global retail store.  After 6 decades of existence, Walmart has grown in revenue and assets. Although in 2021, Walmart had about $420 billion net worth. As of 2022 first two quarters, the net worth of Walmart has dropped to $381.2 billion.   Although with significant reduction, this net-worth is more than 5 countries' annual budget! The sum of its Net worth is accumulated from all its retailing services, merchandise, and even the Sam Club.

[Sources: Macrotrend, Forbes]

What Is Walmart's Annual Revenue?

Walmart's Annual Revenue

The annual revenue of any company is subject to change. In fact, many companies only have ranges of expected revenue per year. It is never a static value. Hence, there are differences in the revenue of Walmart in different years. Take, for example, in the last quarter of 2019, Walmart had annual revenue of about $500 billion. However, there was an increase of about 1.86% in the last slab of 2020. So, it rose to $523.96 billion. After the pandemic, the revenue rose to $559.151 billion (a 6.72% increase). Currently, the revenue for this year is $572.75 billion. This is just about 2.43% of 2021 revenue. Thus, there has been an increasing trend thus far.

[Source: Macrotrend]

How Many Countries Have Walmart Stores?

Many Countries Have Walmart Stores

From just a discounted grocery store founded to meet the need of a confined neighbourhood, Walmart has gone international. Ahead of the expansion, the domestic customer experience was the propelling force of international establishments. Across many countries, Walmart stores have been the major retailing store serving the inhabitants. Today, Walmart boasts of having stores in 24 countries, including the US. When the US is excluded, it has stores in 23 countries of the world. These stores are found in major cities on the European, Asian, African, South American, and North American continents.  At least 300 stores owned by Walmart are found on each of these continents. In addition, there are new stores in progress in other countries which are yet to start operations.

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How Many Top Shareholders Are There In Walmart?

Walmart, like other big retailing stores, sells shares to the public. Thus, there are institutions and mutual fund holders in Walmart. These investors together are the risk bearer of the business. Among these shareholders at Walmart are insiders and institutions. All insider shareholders have 47.91%. On the other hand, 32.65% belong to institutional shareholders. There are 11 major institutions that hold shares at Walmart. Also, there are 19 top mutual fund holders too. To mention but a few among institutions, Vanguard Group, Inc has the largest share of 4.68%, Blackrock Inc. has 3.42%, and State Street Corporation has 2.19%. Every other institution has less than a 1% share at Walmart.  It is, therefore, true to say that Vanguard Group is the lion's shareholder at Walmart.

[Source: Yahoo Finance]

How Many People Have Managed Walmart Since Its Inception?

Many People Have Managed Walmart Since Its Inception

Leadership is a sensitive position in every organisation. It is therefore important to give managerial roles to capable hands. Also, when the management method is not working fine, the leadership might be replaced. Walmart has had several managers since its inception. From 1962 till the present, Walmart has been managed by 17 managers, including Sam’s Club managers. The first was the founder, Mr. Sam Walton. He managed till 1988, when the late David Glass was declared CEO. After Glass, 15 other managers and chairmen have been announced by Walmart. Presently, Doug McMillon is the president and CEO of Walmart Inc.

[Sources: Walmart, Wikipedia]

What Percentage Of International Staff Does Walmarts Have?

The statistical figures of global Walmart stores have shown that more than 53% of the stores are found outside the US. Although a large percentage goes to only US-based stores, it has an appreciable number of stores in other countries and regions. The implication of this is that the number of international stores will determine the workforce needed internationally. Going by the official record published by Walmart Inc, it has about 70000 workers that are dispersed in its international stores. This figure accounts for 30.4% of its total workforce. These stores are spread in 23 countries, including e-commerce websites.

[Source: Corporate Walmart]

What Is Walmart's Sales Growth Rate?

Walmart's Sales Growth Rate

Net sales of Walmart vary from year to year. Different fiscal years recorded different rates of sales. The sale rates over the years have been increasing before the pandemic. However, during the lockdown in 2020, the sales rate dropped. Fortunately, in 2021, the growth rate was a boom! With a factual figure, the sales growth rate was 3.7% in 2019. In the year 2020, there was a splashdown in sales growth. It was 2.9%. Coming out of the lockdown, the sales rate at Walmart skyrocketed to 8.7%. This rate was exactly 3 times the rate during the peak of the pandemic. Currently, the growth rate in the first two quarters of the year 2020 is recorded to be 6.4%. There is every tendency that before the years run out, the rate will level up with the previous year.

[Source: Statista]

How Much Debt Has Walmart Incurred?

It is not that big corporations and companies incur debts. This could be from long-term loans they are still servicing, or purchases of assets they are paid in instalments. Sometimes, debts come from huge losses recorded by such companies. Walmart has its share of the debt. Fortunately, this is an increased percentage of declination in the debt as years pass by. For example,  before Covid-19, Walmart’s debt was more than $50 billion. In the year 2020, it declined by 4.35%. Thus making the debt $48.021 billion. After Covid-19, in 2021, it declined further by 6.21%. Hence, Walmart had $45.041 billion.  For this year, the total long-term debt of Walmart was $36.583 billion by the end of July 2022.

[Sources: Macrotrend]

How Many Domestic Staff Does Walmart Have?

Many Domestic Staff Does Walmart Have

The US is the hosting company of Walmart. Before it extended its horizons of retailing services to other regions, America was the major jurisdiction of its services. Over the years, it has opened several stores, super-centres, and even clubs in other regions. Before this extension, the bulk of its workforce was put to retailing services in the US. To date, about 1.6 million Walmart staff are domestic staff. By domestic, we mean residence and nationality but not race or color. By foregoing, 69.5% of the total staff are in the US. This is justified by the number of Walmart stores that are found in the region.

[Source: Corporate Walmart]

How Many Domestic And International Competitors Does Walmart Have?

The competition Walmart faces can be viewed from two points. There is domestic competition against other US-based retailers and e-commerce. And there is competition on an international level with retailing stores of other nationalities. There are 9 major competitors against Walmart in the US. These competitors are also known on a global scale but are based in the United States and Canada. These are; Amazon, Costco, Kroger, Walgreens, The Home Depot, Tesco, Carrefour, Target, and CVS Health Corp. Specifically, the biggest competitor is Amazon. It is the biggest competitor of Walmart both at home and abroad. Internationally, Walmart faces stiff competition from Ali Baba in the Chinese market and economy. Flipkart was the major competitor of Walmart in the Indian market before Walmart acquired 77% of its controlling share in 2018.

[Source: Marketingtutor]

How Many Stores Does Walmart Have In The UK?

Many Stores Does Walmart Have In The UK

The UK  is the second largest market for Walmart retailing services. The Walmart retailer is known as Asda in the UK. The name of the company Walmart purchased in 1999. There are 633 stores of this retailing company in the UK. These 633 stores have 341 superstore divisions, 209 supermarkets, 33 Asda living, and 32 supermarkets. In terms of merchandise, Walmart owns 18 petrol filling stations in the UK. In addition, all Asda stores remain grocery stores. Thus they focus on non-food items. In other European countries, Germany especially, Walmart sold out its stores around 2006 due to the policy of no price cut that Germany operates. As such, Walmarts stores are unfortunately not found in all European countries.

[Source: WordAtlas]

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Delivery?

Walmart Charge For Delivery

Delivery services are major attributes of most retailing ventures. Most of these ventures have e-commerce features. As such, buyers have options to either make orders online or request delivery. Delivery services at Walmart are of two types. Delivery to pickup locations and delivery to doorsteps. Averagely, express delivery at Walmart cost $10 on the normal delivery charges. However, delivery of orders from Walmart stores to doorsteps costs $7.95 – $9.95. In addition, Walmart+ membership gives members free delivery and a discounted price of delivery. Such deliveries are made as fast as a day. Other benefits of membership include $98 per annum or $12.95 per month. So far, data has shown that 70% of the US population uses express delivery.

[Source: Corporate Walmart]

How Long Does It Take Walmart To Deliver An Order?

Walmart To Deliver An Order

Delivery time and swiftness are important factors to consider in e-commerce and online shopping. At Walmart, delivery is made locally, and regionally and there is also international shipment. By foregoing, the distance and time of delivery determine the duration it takes to deliver the orders. Although Walmart express delivery is faster, deliveries take 3 – 5 days. In addition, Walmart offers 2 days of free delivery based on the value of the goods. However, there are also 3 – 5 days of free delivery for orders that are worth $35 and more. Nonetheless, shipping and movement are done case-by-case and concerning their respective locations. Again, delivery hours run till 10 pm local time in all locations

[Source: Walmart]

How Many Delivery Trucks/Vans/Cars Are There In Walmart?

In an attempt to deliver the volume of the orders made by Walmart shoppers, it has taken a new dimension. Walmart has purchased a 4500 fleet of electric delivery vehicles. That is a consequence of the technological shift and advancement of EVs in the world, especially in the US. Walmart has one of the largest fleets in delivery logistics. It has 10,000 tractors and 80,000 trailers used for the delivery of goods on a global level. These numbers have grown from just 10 TOs used for trucking operations at Walmart in the 1980s. Fortunately, Walmart logistics workers have been awarded one of the safest logistic crews. The electric vehicles are expected to begin operation in 2023.

[Sources: Walmart]

How Many Domestic Stores Does Walmart Have?

Many Domestic Stores Does Walmart Have

The US is home to Walmart. It was founded and headed by its head branch in the US. As such, it is easily justified to have a high number of stores in the US. In the year 2020, Walmart announced it now runs a large number of stores in its American business district. It has opened a total of 4,756 stores domestically. It was reported that in march 2020, there was a huge 47.57% increase in the year-in-year-out foot traffic at Walmart US stores compared to a year before. By this time, 28% of Americans said they are stockpiling food and other commodities in anticipation of the pandemic.

[Source: FinanceOnline]

How Many Companies Has Walmart Acquired So Far?

Companies Has Walmart Acquired So Far

By merger and acquisition of already existing firms, companies grow and widen their horizon. This is a major attribute of a multinational corporation and business bodies. Thus Walmart has acquired quite a several companies. Over the years, Walmart has acquired 21 different companies. In the last 5 years, it has acquired 13 companies. This is an indication of a great deal of expansion going on at Walmart Inc. Six (6) of these companies were private equity firms. In 2018, Walmart recorded its largest acquisition of Flipkart Internet Pvt. This acquisition was worth $16.0 billion. All these companies were purchased in 7 different states in the US and 7 different countries.

[Source: Mergr]

What Is Walmart's Market Cap?

Walmart's Market Cap

Market capitalisation is the value of a company in the open market and its worth in market perceptions of prospects. In other words, it measures the total value of shares owned by stockholders of a publicly traded company. As such, Walmart has its market cap for a different year. In late 2019 before the pandemic, the market cap of Walmart was about $330 billion. Unfortunately, it was reduced in 2020 (during the pandemic) to $300 billion at the beginning of the year. However, it rose back to about $360 billion towards the end of the year. As of August of this year, Walmart's market cap stood at $375.59 billion. The end of the year could be a change in the market cap anyways.

[Source: Macrotrend]

How Much Is The Average Salary Paid To Walmart Employees?

Average Salary Paid To Walmart Employees

The pay scale of an organisation of a business body reflects the welfare packages of its staff. In addition, this can inform an applicant or intending worker of what salary expectation to have. In that light, Walmart pays an average of $15.09 per hour. On average, a worker at Walmart will earn $31.396 per year. However, this is dependent on the position held and the number of productive hours. Hence, there is a significant pay gap between the bottom 10 % of Walmart staff and the 10% of top earners at Walmart. It is proven by data that while the lowest paid staff gets an average of $19k per year, the most paid goes home with a sum of $51k every year. It is also important that the location of the store also influences pay. Thus, workers at Sunnyvale are paid better than others.

[Source: Zippia]

What Is The Educational Qualification Of Walmart Staff?

The level of education of staff in retail stores does not determine the services rendered. However, the communication, management, and technical know-how of employees are vital to a certain position. In addition, the educational qualification determines the position held and sometimes the pay. As such, Walmart has employees from all levels of educational qualifications. The statistic and demography of Walmart employees showed that the common highest degree level among the employees is a high school diploma. Furthermore, 24% of them majored in Business. The table below shows the educational degrees and their respective percentages. It is, therefore, obvious that 46% of the employees have a high school diploma. On the other hand, the smallest percentage of 0.1% have licenses in their respective fields and majors.

Degrees/ educational levels Percentage among employees
High School Diploma 46%
Bachelors 18.9%
Associate 17.0%
Diploma 10.4%
Certificate 4.8%
Masters 1.9%
Doctorate 0.3%
License 0.1%

[Source: Zippia]

How Much Does Walmart Generate Internationally?

Being a world-class retailer, Walmart has a huge income stream from international shoppers. It is, therefore, an integral part of its revenue that depends on consumers abroad. It is, therefore, undoubtedly that it accounts for 23% of Walmart’s revenue in Q4 of 2021. In the figure, this is $34.87 billion. Thus, the growth of the previous year was 5.5% greater than in the same quarter year, which was $33.05 billion. Fortunately, the subsequent quarters recorded 18% growth. Consequently, Walmart is a great competitor among international retail stores. This accounts for all revenue from other countries rather than America.

[Source: Business Quant]

How Much Is Walmart's Domestic Revenue?

Walmart's Domestic Revenue

In the US, Walmart has a far-reaching influence on consumers’ shopping locations. It is indeed the largest retail shop in America. Thus, a huge percentage of its revenue is generated within America. By the Q4 of 2021, $99.9 billion, this was a growth of 7.9% from the Q4 of 2020, which was $92.27 billion. This increase was attributed to an increased online retailing of American citizens after the Covid Lockdown. Furthermore, the post-Covid economy has drifted most consumers to ticketing online. Therefore, the domestic revenue has increased. In addition, data shows that at least 90% of the US population has at least one Walmart store within 10 miles of their vicinity.

[Source: Business Quant]

How Much Of Walmart's Revenue Comes From Walmart Click-And-Collect?

Walmart’s click-and-collect is an easy way of meeting shoppers' needs without them coming to the stores. In 2017, Walmart celebrated its 1000th location with click-and-collection services. Currently, it has 3700 curtsied for pickup. Although Walmart had started its online pick-up for groceries before the outbreak of the pandemic, it became more efficient during the lockdown. Thus, its revenue from click-and-collect has almost tripled in the last two years. It rose from an estimated $7.21 billion in 2019 to about $20.4 billion in the first two quarters of this year. It is, therefore, an emerging sector of huge sales for Walmart. With time, it will account for a larger part of the total revenue of the retailing store.

[Source: Cnbc]

How Much Does Walmart Lose To Theft Yearly?

Walmart Lose To Theft Yearly

The advancement in technology has helped to reduce the rate of stealing in many shopping malls and stores. Despite that, the smart surveillance mechanism is yet to bring stealing and lifting to a stop in its totality. As such significant theft and shoplifting still occur. The official report from this giant retailing store, Walmart, proves that it loses about $3 billion to theft yearly. This is about 1% of its $300 billion revenue. The report further shows that the most stolen item in Walmart is meat. Irrespective of insignificant the item sound, it causes Walmart a significant loss. Despite this loss, Walmart has a no-chase policy.

[Sources: Bobcutmag, Businessinsider]

What Department Of Walmart Makes The Most Sales?

Department Of Walmart Makes The Most Sales

There are more than 20 different departments of different goods sold at Walmart. More so, those departments are grouped into categories to have a comprehensive percentage of their contribution to the total revenue. In that light, let us consider the years 2020 and 2021. In 2020, the grocery and consumables category contributed the largest percentage of the revenue. It had $35.33 billion. That accounted for 66% of the revenue in that year. This category was followed by fuel and other categories with $11.30 billion (12%). After the pandemic in 2021, grocery and consumables still maintained the bulk of the revenue contributions. It contributed $42.15 billion. This was an addition of more than $6 billion compared to the previous year. Thus, it is the department and category with the most sales.

[Source: Business Quant]

How Much Is Walmart's Annual Expenditure?

Walmart's Annual Expenditure

The cost of running a business is a major expense of the business. The bigger the venture, the more cost is required to sustain its operation. Hence, you will imagine how much Walmart spends to run these stores across the world. In the year 2020 (at the peak of the pandemic), this retailing firm recorded a sum of $503.396 billion. Which was said to have an increase of 2.2% of its running cost in 2019. However, the post-pandemic year, 2021, had an increase of 6.6% compared to the 2020 running cost. As such, it had $536.603 billion. So far this year, Walmart has spent $546.812 billion to run its stores. This is just about a 1.9% increase.

[Source: Macrotrends]

What Is Walmart's Gross Profit Margin?

The retailing sector is an important part of an economy. It ensures the provision and meeting of the needs of the targeted consumer, not only consumable goods but also articles. The gross margin profit of Walmart in the year 2013 was 24.8%. After 5  business years, Walmart's gross profit rose to 25.4% in January 2018. Recently, its gross profit margin for fiscal years from 2018 – 2022 is an average of 25.0%. However, it is expected that there would be a change to this value by the end of the year 2022, even if not significant. Hence, the values have decreased by 1.1%, both in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and by 1.6%, and 0.6% in 2020 and 2021. Lastly, added 1.1% in 2022.

[Source: Finbox]

What Are The Racial Statistics Of Walmart Employees?

The Racial Statistics Of Walmart Employees

Walmart began its operations in the US, where the dominant race is white. Notwithstanding, the US is diverse in color and race. Furthermore, there are other stores located in different countries and continents of the world. Undoubtedly, there are different races in different parts of the world where Walmart stores are operating. Hence, the need to recruit employees will bring about the diversity of race and color. In addition, diversity in big organizations brings creativity and inclusion. The statistics of Walmart’s staff showed that 62% of them are white. Also, the Hispanic or Latino race has 15.2%, and Blacks or African Americans are 12.8%. Lastly, 5.9% of them are Asian, while 3.3% are unknown.

[Source: Zippia]

How Many Days Does Walmart Allow The Return Of Orders?

Walmart Allow The Return Of Orders

For one reason or the other, you might have cause to return something you had ordered from Walmart. That is not a difficult case with Walmart. It has a return policy and plans. The maximum number of days to return an order at Walmart is 90 days. This implies that you can return orders within these days. You can make a return either by bringing the item back to the store after you must have chosen to return on the App. Again, you can return an item in shipping mode. Simply select return by mail, repackage them with all original packaging and accessories, and drop them off at USPS or FedEx locations. However, you will have to state the reason for returning them.

[Source: Walmart]


The values and statistical figures of Walmart there are presented in this article have shown the big status of the retailing company. The revenue is large enough to justify the number of employees it has. Undoubtedly, the growth rate of sales at Walmart is expected to multiply in years to come. This is in view to meet the needs of the fast-growing population of the world. In addition, there is also an anticipated boom in its delivery services by the time it begins to put its newly purchased EV vans to use in 2023.

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