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What Is Amazon Prime Cons Seattle WA Charge?

Amazon Prime

Amazon is the world’s biggest and most successful online retailer. You can buy and get anything. Access to books, electronics, household goods, food, and much much more.

First and foremost, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service. Amazon services on Prime feature the same, one or two day delivery of goods and  even streaming music.

As well, Amazon Prime is a wonderful subscription. Prime offers a lot and gives users many benefits. Like many, there are so many who bought many products from Amazon utilizing Prime. And overall, Prime from Amazon has a rewards program that makes many people happy. But …

The charge from Amazon? What is it? Basically, Amazon prime cons charge appears to be coming up more as a problem. Basically, on your statements, when Amazon prime has charges show up.

Description of  Amazon Prime Cons Charge

An Amazon Cons Charge is a charge notice. Moreover, for example with Amazon Prime it is a charge you get on your bank statement when an Amazon service you subscribed to. This is usually renewed on any type of account.

Charges like this appear because every Amazon subscription automatically gets renewed. This creates a charge. The charges come up at the expiration of a previous subscription.

In general,  the “Amazon Prime Cons” is best summed up as a charge on a person’s bank statements. This refers to subscription renewal or various charges for any number of Amazon services.

What is that charge?

A charge for Prime users shows up. Why and how? So, when you put an order in with Amazon then an authorization begins. What is this?

‘Amazon Prime Cons Charge’ would more likely be referencing a monthly fee. This is a monthly fee for Amazon’s Prime membership.

The charge in itself will commonly show up on your credit card statement. As well, it may show up on your bank statement. All of this would happen if you have signed up for a monthly package. However, do remember this is a monthly recurring package.

Where do the Charges show up on Amazon?

The initial and unknown charges might also be charged and appear if you decide to pay for Amazon Prime services yearly. All in all, you are able to pay for Amazon Prime in various ways. For example, you are able to pay upfront all at once or in 12 installments.

Basically, Amazon will contact the issuing bank to confirm your purchase and more. the validity of the payment method. Your bank reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorization expires. This reservation appears immediately in your statement, but it isn’t an actual charge.

Amazon Prime and Seattle WA Charges

If you cancel your order, the authorization is removed from your account according to the policies of your bank. Contact your bank to clarify how long they hold authorizations for online orders.

Being an Amazon Prime member, you will be charged monthly. Or even annually, depending on the plan you chose on Prime. In summary, the unknown payment charge is an Amazon Pay transaction. Always make sure to check your Amazon Pay Account for your order history. As well, seek out any further assistance with any Amazon Pay transactions through customer service. 

Other Unknown Charge Reasons

For Amazon users, Amazon Pay orders begin with ‘P01’ and are usually  followed by 14 digits.As well, users may unknowingly activate services on Amazon without remembering it.  As well, many users of Amazon may let their free trial expire.

Moreover, unknown charges  often include taxes on Amazon. As well, these unknown Amazon Prime Cons charges can show up on your statement. This overall might be higher than the regular subscription charge price overall.

A common reason for charges are the activation of  Amazon Prime Video beyond the subscription trial period. For example, once the free trial period goes on, you’ll be charged for a year’s subscription. So, basically, you need to deactivate the service.

How To Stop Amazon Cons Charge

When you want to stop getting Amazon cons charges you need to take action. Therefore, you need to cancel most if all services that were subscribed at Amazon.

At the Amazon site, you are able to navigate to the appropriate page. Here on the site, go to the “Manage Prime Membership” page. From there, you are able to  deactivate the service.

Lastly, you can simply remove the card listed as a payment method. From there, the unknown Prime Cons charge will be a failed payment and the service will stop from there.

Amazon Prime Charges

Officially, Amazon Prime subscription is $139 for each year. However, there is a way that these things are put together and billed.

In general, the complete amount that could be charged might be higher than the due. Especially, in regard to fees and taxes in your state.

What needs to be known is that the Amazon Prime subscription offers you and anyone full access to numerous perks. You will get access to  several Amazon services that include Prime Video. As well, numerous discounts on shipping of items bought on Amazon and much more.

Why get Amazon Prime if it charges?

The Amazon Prime subscription service is still worthwhile despite unknown charges. Why? It is a fantastic and cost friendly option for shoppers and lovers of Amazon. Many people love to shop on Amazon and get and enjoy new premium content that is the latest and fresh compared to the competition.

Moreover, you get free 2-day shipping! So, this is tempting to say the least. Amazon Prime gives you free music and movies. Prime offers unlimited streaming of shows. Lastly, you get Amazon Instant Video for anyone into messaging and voice chat.

Benefits of Amazon Prime:

  1. Alexa deals: That is a perk many don’t know. Alexa will tell you Prime-exclusive deals only available to Prime members.
  2. Choose your delivery day: Everything with Amazon Prime is about customization. You can control and get packages when you want.
  3. Accessible and lots of Streaming millions of songs, which is all ad-free: With Amazon Music, Prime members have benefits. There are about two million songs and numerous curated playlists with Amazon prime.
  4. Prime-Exclusive Offers: You have access to special deals that are only available to an exclusive amount of people. Buy and take advantage!
  5. Benefits for Groceries and Shopping:  Whole Foods is a grocery store in the United States and you can get benefits with Amazon Prime. Save on food and other organic food treats.

Stopping Amazon Prime Cons Charge Completely

When you want to prevent getting or receiving Amazon Prime Cons charge then definitive action is needed. First, it is mandatory that you cancel any and all Amazon services. This includes any Amazon services that you are subscribed to overall. As well, then go ahead and remove your card from the linked Amazon account.

In the end, when this is done you are able to be done with stopping these charges. The aim is to not have a card as a payment method in your Amazon account. In the end, with any Amazon service, whatever you have subscribed will get terminated once it’s unable to renew completely in the future.

The unknown charge is a bank authorization

When you place an order, Amazon will go ahead and contact the issuing bank to confirm the validity of the payment method. From there, your bank will reserve the funds until the transaction processes in its entirety or then again the authorization expires in whole. This reservation will definitely appear quickly in your statement, but it isn’t an actual or final charge.

If you cancel your order, the authorization is removed from your account according to the policies of your bank. Contact your bank to get an explanation on how long they hold authorizations typically for online orders.

Lastly, more often than less it can be Amazon orders appearing on your statement as separate charges.

Common Reasons for unknown Amazon charges

Amazon charges

  • Any Amazon order placed by a family member, friend, or associate with access to your card number or Amazon information.
  • Credit cards that have linked credit or debit account numbers.
  • An appearance of a special order, pre-order, or back-ordered item shipped from Amazon.
  • The appearance on your statement of a gift order shipped.
  • The transaction that includes an order with split multiple shipments. Moreover, any shipment  sent with multiple shipping addresses.

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