Spam Figgy Pudding

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Spam Figgy Pudding search term is ranking at #18,935  from All 1,000,000 ,

and rank at #3,278 of 4,604 keywords in Grocery.

  • Search Volume (on Amazon): 465,097
  • Click Concentration: 96.44%
  • Categories: Grocery
#18,935 New
#3,278 New


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Best-Selling “Spam Figgy Pudding” On Amazon

Lastest Top 3 popular products

Top 3 Best selling item products (ASINs) based on the amazon search term report, which listed 3 most clicked ASINs from click share rate, Those products should be the most trustworthy and best spam figgy pudding product for it is the real data provided by the amazon brand analysis.

Brand: SPAM
Click Share: 94.83%
Conversion Share: 98.65%
( 23 Ratings )
More Details
  • SPAM Limited Edition Figgy Pudding, 12 Oz Can (2-Pack)
  • Conversion Rate: 12.27%
Brand: SPAM
Click Share: 1.15%
Conversion Share: 0.15%
( 7,950 Ratings )
More Details
  • Spam Classic, 12 Ounce Can (Pack of 12)
  • Conversion Rate: 1.53%
Brand: Matthew Walker
Click Share: 0.46%
Conversion Share: 0.08%
( 622 Ratings )
More Details
  • Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas Pudding - 28.2 oz (800g)
  • Conversion Rate: 2.01%


Here is a list of top 3 spam figgy pudding, which is our collection of products that have been listed on Amazon Brand Analysis (ABA) for spam figgy pudding in top 3 most clicked products.

Rank Times Products Asin Brand Price Prime Free Shipping Reviews & Ratings
#1 1
Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas Pudding - 28.2 oz (800g)
B08H5P57KS Matthew Walker $26.55
( 622 Ratings )
#2 1
Spam Classic, 12 Ounce Can (Pack of 12)
B001EQ5NHE SPAM $32.97
( 7,950 Ratings )
#3 1
SPAM Limited Edition Figgy Pudding, 12 Oz Can (2-Pack)
( 23 Ratings )

Historical data We have recently collected.

Time Rank Click Share Conversion Share Top 3 Products
2022-11-19 #18935 96.44% 98.88%
Which brand is the best?
  • SPAM's spam figgy pudding product gain 2 times weekly top 3 most clicked rankings in the past 10 weeks.
  • Matthew Walker's spam figgy pudding product gain 1 time weekly top 3 most clicked rankings in the past 10 weeks.

Spam Figgy Pudding Traffic Analytics

Estimated Volume: 465,097/month

The data of Estimated Volume on Amazon is estimated based on our own developed data model, which is similar to many Amazon product research tools, like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. No one knows the most accurate volume data except Amazon, which is why it’s ‘Estimated’.

Search volume on Amazon measures how often the “search team” or phrase is searched on Amazon. The higher the number, the more popular the keyword or phrase. But it’s important to note that a keyword with high search volume doesn’t mean it will be profitable for your business.

Click concentration is calculated by taking the top 3 ASINs’ number of clicks combined, divided by the total amount of clicks. Generally speaking, the higher the value of click concentration, the higher the degree of keyword monopoly. for example, the click share of the top three ASINs: 12.6%, 11.5%, and 10.7%. The click concentration is 12.6% + 11.5% + 10.7% = 34.8%.

Lastest Traffic Analytics for Top 3 popular products

The click share is the percentage of total clicks the product received for the given search term in the chosen time frame on the amazon search term report, Here is the latest weekly click share data.

Traffic Analytics Total Clicks Click Share Asin's Clicks
#1 B0BDSMYCLZ 441,841 94.83% 437,191
#2 B001EQ5NHE 1.15% 4,650
#3 B08H5P57KS 0.46% 0

Spam Figgy Pudding Conversion Analytics

Lastest Conversion Analytics for Top 3 Spam Figgy Pudding products

Here is the latest weekly click share data and our professional interpretation of Conversion data.

Conversion Analytics Conversion Share Click Share Higher than Avg.
#1 B0BDSMYCLZ 98.65% 94.83% 4.0%
#2 B001EQ5NHE 0.15% 1.15% -87%
#3 B08H5P57KS 0.08% 0.46% -83%
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Spam Figgy Pudding Sale & Market Analysis

Estimated Avg. Conversion Rate = 11.8%

The conversion rate varies significantly from category to category, so it is not possible to obtain an accurate conversion rate for Amazon. This is because it varies based on the kind of products you sell, and this is a dynamic figure. Based on research from others reports, the average Amazon conversion rate is between 9.6% and 15.5%, so we estimated it as 11.8%.

Market value for spam figgy pudding

The average listing price is the average price of all products that show on the first page of Amazon that we searched for using the “spam figgy pudding” search term, Yes, this is also a variable, as Amazon may recommend different products each time, aimed at different users. And there are usually 68 products on the amazon search page, which basically reflect the market price.

Est. Market Value for  spam figgy pudding = 465,097 x 11.8% x $29.76 = $1,633,288.32

Lastest Sale Analytics for Top 3 Spam Figgy Pudding products

Market Share

Sale Analytics Traffic Click Share Conversion Share Conversion Rate Price Sale Est. Market Value Market Share
All Searches 465,097 11.8% $29.76 54,882 $1,633,288.32

B0BDSMYCLZ 437,191 94.83% 98.65% 12.27% 53,652 $0.00
B001EQ5NHE 4,650 1.15% 0.15% 1.53% $32.97 71 $2,351.78
B08H5P57KS 0 0.46% 0.08% 2.01% $26.55 0 $0.00

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Keywords Avg. Rank Volume Top 3 Traffic Competition
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19 Medium
pantry staples #11,803 2.3M 370K
26 Medium
grocery #12,957 2.3M 360K
25 Medium
spam #15,777 2.3M 1.2M
83 Super Hard
canned food #19,527 2.3M 420K
29 Medium
canned meat #36,121 2.2M 520K
37 Medium
ebt eligible food #47,310 2.2M 340K
25 Medium
spam canned meat #55,714 2.2M 1.3M
92 Super Hard
canned ham #76,928 2.1M 1.1M
79 Super Hard
canned beef #115,068 2.1M 1.2M
89 Super Hard